Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pat Robertson: Corruption Incarnate

I posted this formerly on myspace so it's a little outdated but still funny.

I'm sure you have all seen the stereotypical lunatic on TV yelling In The streets making outlandish claims like that the end of the world is upon us, or that homosexuals and abortions are directly linked to hurricanes, tornadoes and other forces of nature. We have seen these people and dismissed them as drunks or crazies; sad humans who were just never able to adjust to rationality. They are people that we would never allow in our homes with our families in a million years. But what if that same lunatic was born into wealth and was given the opportunity to use TV as a medium to spew his hatred and bigotry. Not only that, but he can also manipulate his hatred to be viewed as positivism by saying the name "Jesus".
I think Christianity is something that works for some people. I have Aunts and Uncles that have wonderful lives with all of their faith resting in Jesus as a savior and something to lean on. But something needs to be done about the obvious bias in this country towards Christians. If you don't believe that there is a bias, then look no further than Pat Robertson for proof. Pat Robertson is a horrible, corrupt, insane bigot that founded the CBN (Christian Broadcast Network). He has used his telecasts for numerous deplorable acts and views that are both narrow-minded and harmful to humankind. Before I list some of these atrocities I want you to ask yourself if he would have been able to get away with them if he were not blanketed in the "Immunity of Christianity blanket".
Things he has done: MILITARY SERVICE 1. Throughout his time in the Marines during the Korean War Pat frequently slept with prostitutes and sexually harassed a cleaning girl. (This was testified in a disposition by a veteran in Robertson's' company and proved to be true) 2.Robertsons father, a United States Senator intervened to keep Pat out of combat during the war...Sound familiar? (This was proven also, in fact the letters were made public by the Marine officials). 3.During Pat's presidential campaign he stated that he was a "Combat Marine who served in the Korean War". This of course was false; when other Marines in his battalion heard this they set the record straight. It turns out that all Pat did was supply alcoholic beverages to his offficers. SHADY BUSINESS DEALINGS: It has been estimated that Pat Robertson is worth more than $1 billion dollars! That's "B" -illions!!! How might a man of god make such a wonderful living? Everyone that has donated to his little causes to spread the word of Jesus all over the world should be made aware that the money goes straight into his pocket. The most notable instance was the "Operation Blessing" mission in 1994. Robertson used this tax-exempt, non-profit Operation as a front for his own financial gain. Robertson made emotional pleas on the 700 Club for cash donations for OPERATION BLESSING to support airlifts of refugees from Rwanda to Zaire. It was later discovered that Operation Blessing's planes were actually transporting diamond-mining equipment for the Robertson-owned African Development Corporation, a venture that Robertson had established in cooperation of Zaire's dictator, Mobutu Sese Seko. Of course Robertson wasn't prosecuted for this because the Virginia Attorney General Mark Early, a Republican. Intervened and overruled the recommendation for his prosecution. It is interesting that the largest contributor to Mr. Early's campaign just so happened to be Pat Robertson. Coincidence? Oh and by the way, those Rwandan refugees were not airlifted to Zaire. In fact, most of them were executed. Someone so obviously dishonest and immoral as Pat Robertson would never dare to think that he is better than anyone, right? It would be the pot calling the kettle black, but that has never stopped him from judging others and making outlandish claims. Mr. Robertson is a walking sound byte. Everything that comes out of his mouth is crazier than the last. Here are a few of my favorites. Pat has said that he can pray tornadoes and hurricanes away from him and has done so at least 3 times single-handedly. He claims that there is no such thing as the separation of church and state in the Constitution. He even said- "There is no such thing as the separation of church and state in the constitution. It is a lie of the Left and we're not gonna take it anymore." (The constitution states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." I think that's obviously a separation of church and state clause.) He has also proposed a "godly fumigation" for non-Christians referring to them as termites. So basically 80% of the world should be executed in the eyes of Pat. Hmmm.... I wonder if Jesus would approve of that? He has called for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. (I was under the impression that was illegal if you even mentioned that in your own home. And he's saying it on national TV with no disciplinary action taken against him.) He has called for the stoning of UFO enthusiasts. Not to mention numerous times of encouraging the bombing of abortion clinics. He even endorsed Timothy McVeigh for the Oklahoma City bombing of a Federal building that killed thousands! He's stated many times that men are the leaders of the household and women should just "Learn quietly and submissively". My personal favorite is his belief that homosexuality brings hurricanes, and possibly even a meteor. (I hope you're listening San Francisco, better keep an eye to the sky.) In 2006 the 70+ old Pat Robertson said that he can squat thrust 750 lbs!! (That means he could qualify for the USA Olympic team, so I guess we should keep our fingers crossed that Pat stays alive for the 2008 summer games. That's not a harmful quote from him but it's fucking funny!!
I could go on for hours listing more examples of this man's never ending spreading of hatred, fear, and stupidity but I think you get the idea. The whole point of this piece is to illustrate the simple fact that "Men of Faith" can get away with so much more. Howard Stern is a douschebag there's no doubt about that. But he has come under a firestorm of controversy and he has been taken off the air last year. All Howard has done is act like a pervert on the radio. He tells women how much he wants to sleep with them on a regular basis. But the point is, nobody gets hurt. Even though it's in bad taste, the most you'd have to worry about is teenage boys telling girls how nice their racks are. But Pat Robertson calls for assassinations, genocides, and bombings weekly, and people just look the other way because he's a man of Jesus or worse, they might actually beleive him!! If the FCC should be canning anyone, it's Pat! Since he has so many republican senators on his side I doubt if he'll ever spend a day in jail. But the least someone can do is pull the plug on his broadcasts. I mean that sincerely. -Tabor
P.S. This isn't a knock on Christians, because every christian I know thinks Pat Robertson is a tool and he doesn't speak for them. He preys on the really dumb "christians" that are too illiterate to actually read the bible for themselves. People that let other people form their opinions for them are a detriment to society.


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