Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Alienated and Unforgiving, Last becomes First when the Dogs come Living

Alienated and unforgiving
Last becomes first when the dogs come living
Wanting satchel searching starve for the hunger of redemption
But looking at those reptile ashes is just too real to mention
Where was that man when wanted you to ride those trains of gravy
Not to be found was him in which green demons made him crazy
The eye is found in not the face but rather in the mind
Mountain slopes fuel shattered dreams cushioned by buds of kind
Channeling the Kurt Cobain is freeing at the time
But he is lost, and rock is dead, and I don't even have a "Dime"
Rivers flow on vodka proofs to further make us dumbing
Filthy bricks on raped landscapes is cause for greater numbing
Ripped and tattered human waste, hard hats and shit adornings
A rabbit howls into the night a consensus brutal warning
My realm is gone for now and ever, never to be redeemed
Dreams are dreams and hopes are dreams so I dream the real thing
Sewing closed the mouths to silence is no longer a pressing issue
I'm in your mouth, I'm puppeteering, no one will ever miss you
Ugly sounds and morbid visions haunting our housing mess
When last comes first and first comes last, the dogs will tear our flesh

--Tabor, October '08


reggie said...

Holy shit man, that's a crazy ass poem. What's it about?

Rev. said...

I love it,
My favorite line is
"dreams are dreams...... so i dream the real thing"

TABOR said...

Thanks for the support man.
I wanted to just write something nonsensical that had a tight rhyme scheme but after the 4th line with "reptile ashes" I started to think of the extinction of Dinosaurs and how we as people may be heading in that same direction if we continue to defile our planet the way we currently do.
From there it just kinda steamrolled in that direction and I touched on how people with good intentions for the planet are often swayed by money "green demons". We also ignore it through avenues like drinking, getting high and other "bury our head in the sand" approaches. I think I used "dogs" as a metaphor for the eventual reckoning of the human race which may be closer than we think. It was very much influenced by the movie "The Happening". In which the earth begins systematically taking us out due to our parasitical ways.

TABOR said...

Rev, Thanks buddy. I'm glad you liked it. That's actually my favorite line too. I like to think my writing has evolved quite a bit from "The Book Pazjoe" days. But Abjum still loves Abjum, fo shizzle.

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